Census EnumeratorUnited States Dept. of Commerce (completed contract)  April – June. 2016.

♦  Mail Carrier U.S.P.S.     April – Aug. 2015
Assured quality Customer Service and the accurate delivery of Mail, Parcels and Special Deliveries

Drove vehicle to businesses and delivered on foot to residential areas.

♦ Concierge

Concierge / Front Desk Clerk – Dunes Inn,  Wilshire         Oct. 2015 – March 2016
    Guest Relations, Reservations, Cloud Based PMS System

Concierge - Blu Beverly Hills   -   Beverly Hills, CA          Aug.– Oct. 2015
    Customer Service, Access, Patrols, Deliveries, Valet, Reservations, Showing Property, Leasing.

♦ Travel

World Adventure Traveler (over 30 countries)

Hephaestus Travel Group / All Points Travel Services V.P. Adventure / Specialty Travel     1996-2004

   Specialized in Adventure, Eco and disabled travel. Worked with groups and independent travelers.
   Developed relationships with operators in South Africa, Malaysia and Central America, among others.
   Worked on a proprietary computer reservation system. Traveled to over 30 countries and islands.

See Tahiti (Dept. of Tourism Video) Writer, Narrator
    Also assisted producer with various pilots and Media Access Awards.

Social Staff Sitmar Cruise Lines
   Completed contract as Social Staff Member. Also performed as Disc Jockey and Island Tour Guide.

♦ Driver

Driver / Personal Assistant 1990-1991
    Drove for the owner of "D'Lights", a high end custom lamp and light design company in Glendale

Driver / Personal Assistant 1989-1990
    Provided discretion and professionalism for a CIA sub-contractor.

ATV Video Hollywood 1986
    Pick up and deliveries in a safe and timely manner from Los Angels, Orange & Ventura Counties.

- Motorcycle and Car licenses. Experience driving Stick shifts, Trucks, Boats, Forklifts and Small Engine Planes -

♦ Computer

Familiar with: P.C., MAC, Word, Photo Shop, Final Draft, Break Down Express, CMS, LexisNexis, and Google
Extremely proficient with the use of the internet for Sales, Networking Social Media, Research and more.

♦ Construction

Metal Artisan / Weldor - Built and helped design the "LAPD “End of Watch” Memorial Wall"     Nov. 2013 – July 2014.

    58 x 9 feet, 3 Tons of Steel, plexy & lights!  - Liaison with vendors and LAPD "Eagle & Badge" Union, cleaned, repaired and transported.

Landscaper –  Tree trimming, Stonework and general landscaping of Million Dollar Properties

Carpet Installer – “Kerry’s Carpet Connection”

   Measuring, installing, moving furniture, sales, customer service Roofer – “Accurate Roofing” Shingles and Rubber. Install new and/or repair old roofs.

Painter – “Quentin Painters” Interior, Exteriors of Apartments, Houses, Walls, Fences. Experienced Welding, Set Design, Electrical, Carpentry and more.


Security Supervisor – 87th Annual Academy Awards - 2015

Supervisor The Actors Center, Studio City - 2nd in Charge of All Security   1988 - 1989
    All Aspects of Security, including late night escorting of students to cars, protecting expensive media equipment,

    making rounds, filling reports, training officers,  and overnight stays when system went down.

The Hollywood Bowl - Concerts and Special Event Security

Security and Supervision “Working the Door” of various nightclubs and social events.

Professional Trained - Superior Awareness, Boundary Setting and De-Escalation Skills


The Greek Theatre – TNT – Hollywood Bowl – L.A. Sports Arena – The Music Center –

Cater Crew – Along Came Mary – The Butler Did It – Elegant Staffing – Sony – Paramount

Privately: Celebrity homes Politicians, Movie Stars, Millionaires, Billionaires and Royalty!
Ran Bars at Oscars, Grammys, Mtv, Comedy Awards, SAG Awards, Governors Ball, Fire and Ice Ball and more

♦ Other
Self-Defense Expert (featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, LA Times, and more, locally & worldwide)

NASM Certified in Nutrition and Fitness. Red Cross Certified in 1st Aid /CPR at the “Professional Rescuer” level. Studied ENG, Indie Film Production, Photography, Writing, Public Speaking, Choreography, Martial Arts, Stunts, Weapons Handling, Voice Over, Acting, Skydiver, Rock Climber, Skilled Mountaineer. 4.0 College Average.
PADI Certified Scuba Diver & World Adventure Traveler (over 30 countries). L.A. Film School Graduate.

Experienced with all aspects of Casting: Crew and Talent. Reality and Scripted. Online and in Office Member: SAG/AFTRA, Native American Caucus, NRDF & IFP West.

Founding Member: “New Media Revolution” Prod. Group/ “Generation Next” Improv Troupe/
“The Hollywood Militia” Improv, Prod. & Performance Art Group/ “Hoods To Woods” CA registered non-profit
     (Outdoor Adventures and Interventions for underprivileged and at risk youths)

Volunteer & Awards:

Recipient “Presidential Volunteer Service Award”.

Various causes including, Scouts, Local Schools, L.A. River, Animal Activism w/Rodney Dangerfield.

“Mifflin Theater Award” recipient.
Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader, CEO “Hoods To Woods” 501c non profit


♦  Acting:


TESLA'S REVENGE                            Star                     Steven Vincent   (Dir)        Digital Universe Prod.
WILD MALIBU WEEKEND               Co-star                Kelly Gordon (Dir)             Bikini Showdown Prod.
DEAD SEXY                                       Co-star                Robert Angelo  (Dir)          Dead Sexy Prod.
BIG SHOTS                                        Featured             Ivan Reitman (Dir)             Ivan Reitman Prod.
THE MARTINETTIS                           Co-star                Steve Muro (Dir)                SDU Productions
DEADLY PURSUIT                            Featured             Alan McCoy (Dir)               Alan McCoy Prod.
HAMBURGER-The Motion Picture    Featured         Mike Marvin (Dir)              Feldman/Meeker Prod.

Short Film:

Brok'n L.A.              Star        Soxon Prods.

In A Nutshell           Star        Soxon Prods


GENERATION NEXT          Star/Host                      Soxon Prod.
GENERAL HOSPITAL        Re-Occurred                 ABC
THE JUDGE                         Star                               GTV Prod.

FUTURE SHOCK                Featured                       Nickelodeon
THE 90's                             Co-star                          PBS
OPRAH WINFREY              Guest / Performer      Harpo Prod.
JOHNNY BAGO                 Featured Mime           Bago Prod.
BEHIND BARS                   Featured                      Grab Prod.
HELL TOWN                      Featured (fights/stunts/weapons)    Breezy Prod.


Marlboro Man   - Starring / Marlboro Man -  Rodney Dangerfield
The Gazebo -  Louis  - Northland Theatre
The 60's  -  Singer / Dancer -  Mifflin Theatre
The Biggest Boast   - Paul Bunyan  - Worthington Playhouse

Games - MoCap - Promo - Radio:

Star Trek Q 'n A (promo)  -  Co-Star  Paramount Studios
Generation Next Radio   - Host  -  99.8 FM Los Angeles
Baby Ruth (Candy Bar) -  Co-Star
Surgical Strike (the game)  - Co-Star
TRAINING:  ( Partial List )

Mike Muscat - The “Reel Acting” Workshop, LA
  (On Camera Technique, Cold Reading, Scene Study,
      Improv, Commercial Auditions, Stunts)

Actors Certified Training  - North Hollywood
    (Advanced On Camera - Scene Study - Green Screen - Rain Simulator)

Kathleen Freeman - Hollywood
   (Comedy, Auditions, Technique)

The Hollywood Militia - North Hollywood
    (Extreme Improv - founding member)

Cliff O’Connell - Los Angeles City College
   (On Camera Technique, Stage, Scene Study)

Bob Bergen - Hollywood
     (Voice Over Technique)

Benis Martin - Hollywood
   (Scene Study, Character Development)

SAG Conservatory - American Film Institute
  (Commercials, Cold Reading, Improvisation)

Augustus Stone - TV Production, Burbank
  (Directing, Editing, Lighting, SFX, Video and Audio Techniques)

D. LeMieux - Glendale City College

Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Nunchakus, Knives, Yoga, Mime, Juggling, Chinese Sticks, Tele-Prompter, Computers, Haky Sak, Billiards,

Motorcycles (street & dirt), Snow/Water/Jet Skiing, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Cliff Diving, Swimming, Golf, Roller Skating/Blading,

Archery, Fencing, Fire Arms, Rock Climbing, Rappelling/Abseiling, Spelunking, Football, Track, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling,

Horseback Riding, Cameras, Frisbee, Firewalking, Fast Talking, Welding, Metal Work, Dancing (hip-hop, swing, Ballroom, 60’s, moshing).

Self-Defense Expert (featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, CNN, LA Times and other print and media, locally and worldwide)f

NASM Certified in nutrition and fitness.  Red Cross Certified in 1st Aid and CPR at “Professional Rescuer” level. 

Studied ENG, indie film production, photography, writing, public speaking, choreography, martial arts, stunts, voice over, mime and acting. 

World Adventure Traveler (over 30 countries). 

Member of:
Film Independent L.A. - SAG Native American Caucus - Hollywood Film Institute Grad.
Recipient of :   "The Presidents Volunteer Service Award"  2012

Founding Member:
“New Media Revolution” Multi-Media Prod. Group
“Generation Next” Sketch Troupe
"The Hollywood Militia" Improv, Production & Performance Art Group
President - Hellfish MC ~ Hollywood


Glendale Community College - S.I. / Supplemental Instructor   Fall Semester 2017

   "Art of Africa, Oceana and North America"

Columbia College Hollywood - Instructor  July 2016 

   "Audition Techniques for Film and TV” Breaking Down Scenes, Improv, Interviews, Stage Combat

Hollywood Militia Improv – Director / Instructor / Founder     2007 – 2014

   All aspects of Improv: Performing, Writing, Production, Flash Mobs, History, Guerilla Art

Actors Certified Training – Director / Instructor   April 2004  - Oct. 2010
   All aspects of training for professional On-Camera performers: 

   Pictures, resumes, auditions, improv, character development, scene study, on-camera skills, industry insight and more.

SAG Conservatory  @ AFI - Volunteer Director / Instructor  1995 – 2008
   On-camera audition and interview technique.  Overview of being a professional actor in Hollywood.

24 Hour Fitness  -  Certified Personal Trainer                    2003 - 2004

   NASM  “National Academy of Sports Medicine”  Certified  – Fitness / Nutrition Expert

Ultimate Career Workshop – Developer / Instructor      March 1991 – Jan. 1997
   A-Z acting career workshop for actors including private and on set coaching and consultations.

The Defense Department - Los Angeles – Self Defense Instructor      1990 -1993
   Worked with Oakland SWAT, City Councils, Schools, TV Production Companies, regular citizens, adults and childern.

   Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, LA Times and other media, World Wide

Experienced Instructor: (Children and Adults)
   Driving, Swimming, Photography, Stage Combat/ Weapons Handling, Archery  and Drama - volunteer at local schools

   "National Academy of Sports Medicine" Certified Personal Trainer - Girl Scout  "Outdoor Training" Certified


Act Talent Management - Talent Manager                           May 2006- Feb. 2008
   Responsible for all aspects of starting-up, running, submitting and supervising up to 75 clients.

Wild Briar Talent - Manager Assistant                                   Feb.-Dec. 2003
   Heavy phones, submissions, interviewing new clients, career guidance (pictures, resume, training)

   Contracts, computers, Internet, interacting with casting directors and producers.


Robert Plant "Rainbow"  (Music Video/ Genero TV) Producer, Director, Casting      Sept. 2014  Soxon Prods.
   Established Concept, Supervised Editing, Procured Locations

LAPD Memorial Dedication (Live 3 Camera Media Event) Director       Jan. 24, 2013      TDJ Prods.

Brok'N  L.A.  ( Short Film) Director, Writer, Producer Casting   May - Nov. 2012           Soxon Prods.

BelleFit  (Infomercial) Director, Producer                                        March 2012                Soxon Prods.
Hired crew, "Creative Control" of  music, locations, editing and Greenscreen

UnREALity (Webseries Pilot) Writer, Director, Producer March   2010 - Oct. 2011       Hollywood Militia prod.


Metal Heads (Feature Film) Writer, Director, Producer, C.D.      May 2010- Jan. 2011     Soxon Prods.


Hellbent for Hollywood (Studio Based Reality show)         Sept.  2009 - Jan. 2010           TTJ Prods.
Main Camera, Steadicam and Jib

Flipping Beverly Hills (Mixed Reality Pilot) Segment Producer     2008      MCT Prods.

In A Nut Shell (Digital Short) Writer, Director, Casting              Sept. 2004            Soxon Prods.

No Hope   (Music Video) Producer, Director, Casting                   Dec. 2003         HyperChild
    Established concept, supervised casting, compiled and recorded live footage.

See Tahiti (Dept. of  Tourism Video) Writer, Narrator                Dec. 2001        Hephaestus Ent.
    Also assisted producer with various pilots and Media Access Awards.   2002 & 2003

The Temple Of Hip Hop w/ KRS1 (Reprise/Warner Bros.)  Second AD   March 2001    Speedway Films

Area 52  (Sci Fi Channel - MOW)    Fight Coordinator         Oct. 2001  La Tuna/Working Class Films

Jay Jay The Jet Plane (Real-time Animation) Joystick Animator   Feb.-July 2001    Modern Cartoons
    Manipulation of emotions and expressions of up to three characters simultaneously.
    Familiar with “face-tracking”, “greenscreen” and “model moving” aspects of Live Animation.

Battle Dome (Real Combat Reality) Asst. Prod.Coordinator (Stage)      June -Jan 01     Sony (Columbia/TriStar)
    Hiring, scheduling, supervising up to 30 p.a.’s, assist producers with pilots, prototype games with stunt dept.,

    computers, storyboards, dubbing, contestant coordinating, purchasing expendables, set rigging, carpentry, etc. 

Celebrate LA 2000 (New Years Eve 1999)     Asst. Stage Manager     Dec. 1999   Paramount Studios

Ring (Digital Short) Writer, Director       Oct. 1999          S-DU  Prods.
    Location scout, casting, conceptualized computer animation effects.

Turkey Day (Digital Feature) First AD              June 1997              Digital Universe Prods.
    Assisted director during production, supervised actors and crew, problem solver.

Safe Schools (Industrial Video) Director, Line Producer          May 1997            DeDe Prods.
    Hired crew, drew story boards, choreographed fight scenes.

Babe Goes To The Oscars (Promotional) Producer              March 25, 1996        P.E.T.A.
    Arranged and choreographed actors, costumes, transportation and press clearance.

Generation Next (TV/Video) Writer, Director, Editor, Casting    1995 - 1996       Soxon Prods.
    Line/Exec. produced, location scout, co-starred, DP, PR, distribution.

Revolution Radio   (Weekly Radio Show)  Producer,  Host     1995 -1996     KCLA 99.3 FM  Los Angeles
    Promotion, sales. Organized guest, music, commercials and commentaries to the second.

Bad Medicine  (Bon Jovi Music Video)  Independent Camera Op.     1988       Soxon Productions