Writer, Artist and Activist with entertainment industry experience on both sides of the camera, with appearances in dozens of film, television,

stage, internet, and radio projects.  Directed, written, produced, cast and coordinated talent and stunts in productions of various sizes and budgets.

President of Soxon Productions, an independent production company - Founded in 1988 - With numerous projects in various states of development.
A proud member of the "Native American Caucus" and of SAG AFTRA for over 20 years. Long time volunteer director at the SAG Conservatory AFI.
Founding member of numerous Production, Sketch and Improv groups, including The New Media Revolution, Generation Next & The Hollywood Militia.

Founder of "Hoods To Woods" CA registered Non-Profit - Taking under privileged kids on Camping / Hiking Adventures.

Recipient of the "Presidential  Service Volunteer Award" - Once Stood before the U.S. Supreme Court.
An accomplished mountaineer and world adventure traveler, having been to over 40 countries and islands.

A veteran of over 20 schools, over 600 concerts. Photographed over 3,000 exotic people, places and perspectives. 

I'm an Italian / German.....   Cherokee.....   Earthling....   Stardust....

Related to King of Italy on my Mothers side / 3 Presidents, Revolutionary War Hero and Baseball Hall of Famer on my Fathers side.

Only mentioning because I'm a Big History Nerd....   as Factually, we are ALL Related anyway!

I've been shot at, stabbed, caught in border wars, survived bike wrecks, car wrecks, bar fights, stranded on remote islands and partied with Royalty.

Also a world class Self Defense expert, having worked with S.W.A.T., Special Forces, celebrities and local government

with appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, the LA Times, and other local and worldwide media.
Certified in CPR & 1st Aid at the Professional Rescuer level. NASM - (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified.
I've been involved with Acting & Martial Arts since age 12. I  got my first camera at 15 which is no big deal now, it was then. It used VHS!

Long time Activist - "Fighting the Good Fight" by speaking at rallies and on Radio, Producing Documentaries, Writing and Educating.

I am especially passionate about:
Film-making, Photography, Philosophy, History, Pictures of Deep Space,
The Simpsons, Smart Sultry Women, Motorcycles, Ohio State Football,
Hiking for days Deep into the Back Country, Hard Rock, The Blues, Lyrics,
Mixed Martial Arts, Questioning Authority and World Adventure Travel!

Family, Friends and Honor are most important to me.
I choose to be happy ( it helps that I find so many things amusing).
I understand differences by culture - I think Racism and Greed are a mental illness!

    "Authority is not Truth - Truth is Authority"   ~  JUST SAY KNOW!

Too Young to be a Hippie - Too Old to be a Gangsta:   ~    World Adventure Traveling - Eclectic - Free Thinking - Hard Rockin' - Over Sexed - Dark Humored - Nature Loving - Mind Surfing -

Empathetic - Politically Incorrect -  Authority Questioning - Iconoclastic - Fomenting - Constitutional Deist - Promethean - Bohemian - Passionate Moderate Populist with Libertarian Leanings!